Trump Calls Out Hollywood for Double Standards Against Conservatives

Hollywood is known for their double standards, especially when it comes to President Trump and political matters. There are several instances which showcase the hypocrisy; for instance, many Hollywood liberals are in favor of gun control, yet they have no qualms about walking around with armed security guards. Figures in Hollywood often bemoan President Trump’s tweets and rhetoric, but then they turn around and start off their acceptance speeches with “F*ck Donald Trump.”

It’s gotten be quite old and Americans are sick of it. In the wake of two mass shootings last weekend, Hollywood is once again at the center of controversy. An upcoming horror/thriller movie called The Hunt is facing backlash for a theme which involves wealthy liberals kidnapping, hunting, and executing working-class “deplorables.” Earlier this week, President Trump spoke out about Hollywood and The Hunt, as documented by Breitbart News.

Trump on Hypocrisy in Hollywood

On Friday, the president took to Twitter in order to admonish Hollywood. As movies like The Hunt come out, leftists regularly claim that America is so divided and in need of healing.

At the same time, Democrats don’t seem to have much to say about a film which literally showcases working-class people being hunted and killed for sport. Doesn’t the left claim to care about the working class? It seems as though that care only extends to working-class people who subscribe to left-wing dogma.

President Trump called out not only Hollywood, but also the upcoming film. Trump stated that the purpose of The Hunt is to rile people up and foster division.

His tweets on this matter read as follows:

The Turning Point

A turning point has arrived for Hollywood and other individuals who lean to the far left. They can either stand by the idea that America needs to unite or they can continue to take cheap shots at President Trump and his supporters.

The left-wing cannot, in one breath, claim to be terrified of the division in America while simultaneously fostering that division. Movies like The Hunt which actually glorify murdering individuals based on political dissent do far more damage than tweets from the president.

How do you feel about a movie which features wealthy liberals hunting working-class conservatives? What do you think about President Trump’s statements regarding Hollywood and The Hunt? Sound off in the comments section below!