Trump Calls Out Democrats for Attempts to Sabotage GOP

In the case of the Democrat Party, Trump Derangement Syndrome and the need to spite Republicans supersedes their interests in bipartisan work and progress. Time and time again, we’ve witnessed leaders wasting energy going after the president and doing anything within their power to portray the Republican Party as monsters. Democrats feel forced to do this because they’re not in the position to stand on their own two feet and behave as adults towards those whom they disagree with.

This is something which Trump censured the Democrat Party about yesterday, as reported by Breitbart News. The president publicly noted Democrats’ decisions to abandon initiatives which they previously branded as highly important and imperative.

Trump’s statements about this particularly dysfunctional aspect of the Democrat Party came amidst reports of Pelosi’s preparations to announce a formal impeachment inquiry.

The President’s Remarks on the Democrat Party

Trump took to Twitter and pointed out an unfortunate reality about his political adversaries. They’ve become so enamored with trying to hurt him and other Republicans that they’re not even focusing on policies which they profess to care about. If the Democrat Party channeled a fraction of the time and energy they direct towards hating the president into working with him, this country would be in a much different place.

Democrats don’t have the moral high ground when their entire political message has been rebranded into demonizing the Republican Party and a duly elected president.

The president’s statements regarding the Democrats read as follow:

Sealing their Fate

2020 is going to be quite a year. The Democrats have effectively sealed their political fate by not only refusing to work across the aisle, but now moving forward with bogus impeachment inquiries. There’s been a pattern with Democrats ever since 2016; they make bad judgment calls and when the fallout happens, they scapegoat Republicans.

Americans are getting sick of it. Becoming a politician often means swallowing your pride and it also involves doing the job which you were elected to do. Sadly, Democrats continue to show this country that playing politics is more important to them than getting real work done.

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