Trump Calls out Biden Over Hypocrisy on Crime

Democrats’ hypocrisy on various issues is no secret or surprise anymore. However, President Trump recently exposed Joe Biden on his hypocrisy as it pertains to the 1994 Crime Bill, reports The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Everything You Need to Know

Since President Trump’s time in office, he has managed to participate in bipartisan steps forward in regards to criminal justice reform. This includes his signature of the First Step Act, a legislative document which provides potential for various drug rehabilitation programs and more.

However, the 1994 Crime Bill which Biden openly championed and supported provided the opposite, negative effect; the president explained why and called out Biden in the series of following tweets:

Thus far, Biden has shied away from addressing these matters and responding to the president’s statements.

It may shock some people to know that President Trump isn’t the only one to call out Biden over his involvement in the 1994 Crime Bill.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat running for office (and certainly no friend to the president), has also spoken out about the terrible legislation.

“That crime bill was one of the foundations of mass incarceration and a very painful era in our nation’s history. Biden and anyone else has to be accountable for every vote they take and what’s on their record…and I think that was a huge mistake.”

Criticism of Biden from De Blasio and other Democrat candidates comes as they attempt to increase support from left-wing voters and surpass Biden in the polls.

Legislation Speaks Louder than Words

At this point, Americans have seen this game play out time and time again. Democrats claim to be supportive of various groups of people, yet the bills which they champion and ram through government wind up hurting the individuals they claim to be fighting for.

When it’s all said and done, Democrats are not fighting for the average American. They are fighting for themselves and their own power. Democrats figured out the best way to preserve power…and that’s through claiming to care for the people whilst passing horrible legislation and then offering lackluster solutions and painting themselves as the heroes.

In fairness, this has worked for the Democrats for quite some time; however, the American people are beginning to wisen up to the con.

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