Trump Calls for “Termination” of the US Constitution

Former President Donald Trump is continuing to take various hits for a plethora of reasons. More Republicans are tiring of him, saying he’s not the best option for the party going forward, and looking for an alternative, such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Multiple polls, as of late, show that DeSantis is seriously gaining ground on Trump. As Trump’s base of support takes hits, the Florida governor is seeing more momentum behind him.

Last month, Trump declared that he’ll be running for president again in 2024. Yet, the reception to this run hasn’t had the splashy impact that it did back in 2016.

Now, in another turn of events, Trump has officially called for the termination of the US Constitution, as documented by Hot Air.

Not a Good Look

On Truth Social, the president once more sounded off about his grievances concerning the 2020 presidenital election. Trump argued the result of the election should either be thrown out with the “rightful winner” declared or a new election should occur.

Of course, there is no constitutional basis whatsoever for this to happen. Yet, Trump went on to state the “massive fraud” he believes to have occurred in 2020 is ground for the “termination” of America’s rules, regulations, and articles, including those within the Constitution.

What Trump is calling for directly goes against the oath of office a president takes when being sworn in. A vital part of this oath is the committment to protecting, defending, and preserving the Constitution.

The former president’s claim that the Constitution and its mandates must be “terminated” is directly at odds with someone who want to be the commander-in-chief again.

Backlash From the Public

Naturally, Trump’s call to terminate the Constitution because of how the 2020 presidential election turned out is taking a lot of heat.

Folks are pointing out that such a call is at odds with not only the presidential oath of office, but also with America itself. The notion that the Constitution doesn’t matter anymore and a president should be simply “declared” as the winner breaches everything our nation stands for.

However, this is far from the first time Trump’s made comments like this. Not even weeks ago, the former president argued his handpicked candidate for Arizona governor, Kari Lake, should be “installed” as the state’s leader.

Trump made this comment despite Lake losing her election to Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs by a little under 20,000 votes. Lake’s claims of the Arizona governor’s race being rigged or stolen also don’t have any supporting evidence.

What do you think about former President Trump saying the nation’s Constitution ought to be terminated because of how the 2020 presidential election turned out? Let us know in the comments area your takeaways on this.