Trump Calls for Newsom to Improve Forest Management Strategies

Liberal policies have absolutely devastated the state of California in a series of ways. From higher taxes to rampant homelessness and acceptance of lawless behavior, it’s certainly safe to say that leaders of the Golden State failed their citizens.

Many Californians have called for Governor Gavin Newsom to make some changes and actually govern; however, Newsom continues to make it abundantly clear that his priorities lie elsewhere.

Gavin Newsom by jdlasica, on Flickr

Gavin Newsom” (CC BY 2.0) by jdlasica

As it turns out, the people of California are not the only ones who have a bone to pick with Newsom. On Sunday, President Trump himself censured the California governor in regards to the latter’s strategies for dealing with wildfires in various forests; Fox News reports Trump’s warning that California will lose federal funding if Newsom doesn’t get his act together.

Reviewing Trump’s Message to Newsom

In addressing Newsom, the president was very direct and made his statements clear via Twitter.

Per Trump’s warning, the California governor must improve forest floors, cut fire stoppers, and manage burns. The president also noted that Newsom has an established pattern of failing to do his job and then expecting the government to swoop in and give him more capital. In acknowledging this pattern, Trump made very clear that he won’t allow it to continue for any longer.

Trump’s precise warning can be viewed in the following tweets:

Newsom delivered a curt and short response to the president’s statements:

More on Newsom’s Failed Leadership

It’s unfortunate that the California governor has continued to fail the people who elected him into office and others within the state. Leaders should never reach a place where they feel as though they’re so above it all and don’t need to listen to anyone.

Gavin Newsom by jdlasica, on Flickr

Gavin Newsom” (CC BY 2.0) by jdlasica

As the quality of California continues to decline, residents who can leave the state are doing so. Once again, all of this simply goes to show what happens when Democrats are elected into office and allowed to consistently remain in power. Perhaps Newsom will finally get a wake-up call when he stops getting financial assistance from the federal government.

When do you think the California governor will get his act together and improve his forest management strategies along with other problems in the state? Sound off in the comment section below!