Trump Blasts Upcoming Mueller Testimony

Yesterday, President Trump weighed in on the upcoming testimony of special counsel Robert Mueller, as documented by Fox News.

On July 17, 2019, Mueller will appear before both the House Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee. During these appearances, the special counsel will detail additional information regarding his findings from the nearly two-year-long Russia investigation.

Trump’s Statements on Mueller’s Upcoming Testimony

President Trump spoke to the press on the South Lawn of the White House yesterday. Before leaving for a scheduled trip to Japan, the president shared the following statements regarding Mueller’s forthcoming testimony:

“This is really a hoax, the worst political scandal is on the other side. My only response to

Mueller is ‘does it ever stop?’ This is a diversion.”

The Backstory

Weeks after the end of the Russia probe, Mueller delivered some related public statements to the American public. By the special counsel’s own admission, he and his team were not able to charge President Trump with a crime whatsoever. Still, this has not stopped progressives from continuing to beat the dead horse and maintain pro-impeachment rhetoric.

Earlier this year, Robert Mueller concluded his highly controversial and politicized Russia investigation. Because Mueller’s probe failed to generate the results Democrats wanted, they renewed calls for impeachment, notwithstanding that the president has not committed a single impeachable offense.

The Timing of Mueller’s Upcoming Testimony

As previously stated, Mueller will deliver official testimony during the middle of next month. It’s quite interesting that the special counsel is coming out of the woodwork as things heat up within the 2020 presidential election. People wonder why President Trump and other conservatives view this matter as merely a distraction and this is why.

What do you think about the president’s earlier statements about Mueller’s forthcoming testimony? How do you believe this testimony will impact the 2020 presidential election? Let us know in the comments section down below!