Trump, Arizona Governor Convene to Discuss Coronavirus

"Donald Trump & Doug Ducey" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Despite the moderate re-engagement of the U.S. economy, states across the nation are still battling COVID-19 in various ways. Notwithstanding certain governors rolling back phased reopening plans and forcing workers out of business yet again, coronavirus has not disappeared.
Arizona is one of many states that still continues to wrestle with COVID-19; however, there are some positive developments.

Governor Doug Ducey (R) has worked with President Trump and the White House coronavirus task force to halt the spread of coronavirus; yesterday, the Arizona governor joined President Trump in the White House to discuss developments made in the battle against coronavirus, reports Breitbart News.

What to Know About the Trump-Ducey Meeting

After noting Arizona’s struggle with COVID-19, the president praised Governor Ducey for “[hitting] back even harder.”  While Arizona faced a spike in coronavirus cases later than other states in the country, Ducey noted his preventative actions to get the surge under control.
When meeting with President Trump, the Arizona governor also discussed the role that state residents have played in mitigating the transmission of coronavirus. Face masks, social distancing, avoiding large gatherings, handwashing, and the shutdowns of nightclubs and bars were cited as effective measures.

Ducey additionally thanked the president and White House coronavirus task force for working with Arizona; the governor then noted a “week-over-week” improvement that has maintained for about one month now. Likewise, the Arizona governor received accolades from White House coronavirus task force Dr. Deborah Birx.
Birx professed that Arizona’s progress in reducing coronavirus cases shows that retail businesses and communities can remain open with “common-sense pieces.”

More Work to Be Done

Despite the progress made in Arizona thus far, the governor indicated that there’s still much more work to be done. Ducey maintains that “[staying] the course” will allow Arizona residents to continue taking on coronavirus.

On social media, the Arizona governor additionally indicated that having the state serve as a model of successful mitigation is a positive step forward. The measures taken by Ducey are furthermore being compared to the “equivalent” of orders to shelter-in-place.
Finally, Governor Ducey has thanked healthcare workers who are serving on the frontlines in the ongoing battle against COVID-19.
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