Transgender Terrorist’s Identity Revealed!

The past couple of years of extreme exposure to the trans community taught us a lot about them, including just how deranged they can be at times. The recent shooting in Nashville is a testament to that.

As it would turn out, the armed assailant that killed three children and three adults was actually a member of the ever-so-peaceful trans community; now, they’ve got admirers trying to copy their work.

The “peaceful” trans community

The real plan that never unfolded was placing several bombs throughout Timberview Middle School in Colorado Springs, which would be followed by a shootout on school grounds.

Had the assailant’s sister not been concerned about his plans regarding the school, it’s highly unlikely he’d have been arrested so quickly. We’d probably have another disaster similar to the one in Nashville on our hands

This is even more important if you consider William Whitworth is part of the trans community, which essentially means he’s got a get-away-free pass for just about anything, at least in Biden’s America.

When asked about his motives for the gruesome acts he tried to commit, William only responded by claiming he had no real reason as to why he’d carry out the attack and he was merely doing it on a whim.

However, deputies would later find a manifesto he’d written beforehand, in which he’d idolized political figures from the past and several other mass shooters recognized throughout US history.

How will William be trialed?

While the details of the supposed manifesto are yet to be revealed to the public, Whitworth was charged with two accounts of attempted murder, menacing, and criminal mischief. The bond for this young delinquent and almost murderer is currently set at $75k.

Further investigation into William, or as his family calls him, Lily, found he’s currently in the middle of the transitioning process, which is where one can draw a tangent between this and the Nashville shooting.

Both assailants were male-to-female. Both have been only halfway through the gender-reassigning therapy process, raising a considerable amount of concern regarding the psychological effects of transitioning on these young, pliable minds.

It’s not out of the question that these young men are being targeted and convinced the acts they’ll commit will contribute to the evolution of a much greater cause.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.