Trans-Promoting Bud Light CEO is a CIA Operative

Bud Light’s recent decision to bring on board TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney confused many people. Mulvaney is not interesting or remarkable in any way, other than being a man who considers himself a woman.

As the spokesperson for a brand that’s enjoyed by many patriotic Americans and heartland folks, the move seemed strange. It led to a massive boycott and Bud Light recently walked back its Mulvaney partnership, cancelling it a few days ago.

Though why did this happen in the first place? Well, it turns out Bud Light’s CEO Brendan Whitworth is a CIA operative. Or at least he was.

What’s Going on at Bud Light?

Whitworth is the one who put out the letter recently that apologized if he “divided” anybody by promoting Mulvaney. The move was actually made by Bud Light marketing head Alissa Heinerscheid, but obviously had to be signed off on by Whitworth as well.

The partnership started when Bud Light sent beers to Mulvaney and he ended up doing TikToks about enjoying the beers. Losing $5 billion in the several weeks after Mulvaney filmed promotional material made Bud Light rethink the decision and cancel.

Bud Light says they just did it because they wanted to be less “fratty” and be more in tune with modern identities.

Sounds idiotic to me, but where it gets interesting is that Whitworth’s job at the CIA was recruiting “human sources.”

He was a groomer in other words, who helped find the right assets and informants to spy on other people and influence other people.

Now, he signs off on a mentally ill young man who believes he’s a woman trying to normalize transgenderism in America. Isn’t that interesting?

Why Does This Matter?

Whitworth being a spy may seem irrelevant, but there’s a reason this matters so much.

For one thing, we know that spy agencies have been deeply enmeshed with social media platforms; it’s suspicious that Whitworth was trying to use TikTok to market.

Secondly, we know that Mulvaney’s TikTok is most popular among teens and many people who don’t even drink Bud Light. So why hire him? Well, the CIA and intel agencies go back a long way in beta testing and experimenting on populations.

We know there are many patriots who work at these agencies, but many of the upper echelons are engaged in less-than-legitimate things.

Social engineering, psyops, and tests on people are the top CIA leadership’s bread and butter: look at MKULTRA and many other programs where they even tested dangerous hallucinogens on people to see what they’d do and if they could be mind controlled.

The story of Bud Light just keeps getting stranger and stranger…

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.