Trans Fanatics Attack Man Who Disagrees With Them At Public Event

The transgender ideology was something most people preferred to ignore in the past, but then it came for our kids, inserting its bizarre and extreme ideology into classrooms, media, cartoons, and music.

Now, the rare few who stand up to trans extremism find out just how dangerous it can be, particularly in the wake of heightened tensions following the Nashville shooting last week.

Man Violently Attacked By Trans Nutjobs

Chris Elston is known to most people by the nickname Billboard Chris. He goes around North America speaking out against transgender ideology for kids.

He’s saying kids should not be pressured and talked into operating on their genitals, especially children with mental health issues.

As he’s exposed, many autistic and mentally unwell children are talked into “gender-affirming” care in order to feel better. When it doesn’t work and they feel worse, those who disagree with transgender ideology, such as Elston, are blamed for not being nice enough.

As we saw with the recent Nashville shooting in which Audrey Hale mowed down three kids and three adults at Covenant Christian School, people who don’t agree with being transgender are also blamed for the violence of transgender people.

Brutal Assault

That’s exactly what happened recently to Elston as he peacefully shared his message at a trans rally in Vancouver, Canada. Standing peacefully with a sign saying kids can’t “consent” to receive puberty blockers, Elston was heckled and shouted down by trans people.

They began swearing at him and then physically assaulting him, knocking his cameraman’s camera to the ground while continuing to rampage.

Elston was understandably shocked; although he’s been physically attacked by numerous trans extremists before. The fact people are finally starting to realize the threat from this fringe, mentally ill community is about time.

Cops Do Nothing

Canadian cops did nothing when asked to respond. In fact, the officer on duty said Elston provoked the violence by being there.

She informed him he should have just stayed home and said his responding to a trans individual shouting directly into his face meant he started a fight.

Welcome to the future: if you defend yourself in any way from trans people, you are a criminal with no rights.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.