Trans Cyclist Dq’d From Competition For Unknown Circumstances

"Cyclists" by Iain Farrell

Trans athletes and the legality of them competing in their chosen gender categories have been the talk of the town recently.

Many of the community’s “prominent figures” are barred from competing in categories outside those aligned with their default gender.

One such athlete is Leia Genis, whose silver medal was revoked on account of his “gender identity,” at least according to him.

That is despite the fact that his biological advantages are likely the sole reason for his success in the women’s cycling category.

“Cyclist” by Rex Boggs

Another victory for common sense

Aside from losing the medal for placement he didn’t earn through the same amount of hard work as the biological women in his category, Genis was also banned from any further competitions this year, including the Junior and Elite Track Championships.

The cycling organization didn’t state exactly why Genis was removed from their website in such a stealthy fashion, especially right after they’d listed him as the 2nd place winner of the Elide Individual Pursuit competition.

Naturally, the trans community immediately fired back, calling their decision “discriminatory” and claiming them to be transphobes.

Both of these claims were uncalled for, given that nobody knows the reason for the athlete’s removal from the roster.

As for being discriminatory, that part is categorically untrue, solely on the fact that women’s sports leagues allow trans athletes to compete in their select gender categories.

Although this comes with a mandatory affidavit for their transitioning-related medical information, such as the tests indicating their testosterone levels post-op.

What is the future of women’s sports?

On the other hand, though, women’s rights organizations are celebrating USA Cycling’s decision to remove Genis from their roster.

The inclusion of trans athletes in female categories creates a massive gap in performance between the biological females and the biological males competing in the category.

Despite the support for USA Cycling’s removal of Genis, the Independent Council on Women’s Sports criticized their handling of the situation.

It claimed the integrity of the event had already been extinguished from the get-go and removing a trans athlete from 2nd place wasn’t going to save it.

As for other trans athletes in women’s sports, they’re also facing significant amounts of backlash over their results.

This most notably includes the women’s swimming champion, Lia Thomas, who completely dominated the women’s categories, despite being average at best in the male categories.

A certain degree of fairness is required to preserve the integrity of sports; this is especially true for women’s sports where these usurpers have surfaced.

Many prominent figures advocating for women’s rights have come under fire for their stance on the issue, one of which is even celebrated author J. K. Rowling, whose “TERF” takes have roused the trans community again and again.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.