Traitor in Chief Biden Issues ID Docs to Illegal Immigrants

The current president, Joe Biden, approved a plan that will issue identity papers to illegal immigrants.

An ICE representative informed The Epoch Times in an interview on July 29 that the pilot program is intended to modernize “documents provided to select unauthorized immigrants.”

What’s Happening?

At the moment, the national government sends paperwork about immigrants’ immigration status to unauthorized officials.

Paper documents are inefficient for the government and non-citizens since they are a security concern, are simple to lose, and quickly deteriorate in usage.

Moving to a protected card will reduce the institution’s FOIA backlog, save the organization millions of dollars, free up resources, and ensure that information is readily accessible to DHS authorities.

The digital upgrade will give continued access to crucial immigration papers through the protected card and linked portal for provisionally freed noncitizens. The State Department, or DHS, is ICE’s parent organization.

The initiative is being referred to as a concept since the details are still being worked out. Illegal immigrants who cross borders should be expelled or held in custody until they can appear in court, but this isn’t happening more frequently.

A recent ICE initiative called Alternatives to Custody, also known as “catch and release,” results in the discharge of many immigrants without a hearing. Most people, though not all, receive a Notice to Appear, or a reminder to appear in court on a specific date.

In response to the extraordinary increase in illegal immigration, the Biden administration declared in April that it would release up to 600,000 people in the following months.

However, a watchdog study published in June revealed that the government is increasingly using the program.


Concerns about the initiative have been raised by certain Republicans, who believe the Biden government should focus on enforcing immigration laws, rather than making it simpler for illegal immigrants to obtain documentation.

Reps. James Comer (R-Ky.), a ranking House Investigative Committee member, and Glenn Grothman (R-Wis.), both Republicans, decided to write to the acting ICE Director on July 29.

He said they were worried that the pilot program was another Biden government initiative encouraging undocumented immigration by rewarding illegal immigrants for attempting to break our laws.

The US has loosened or changed a variety of Trump-era regulations under President Joe Biden.

The members of Congress wrote the issuing of the cards “opens up the possibility that illegal migrants will use these identity papers to incorrectly access benefits, such as accommodation, healthcare, and mass transit.”

They cited reports that claimed the card could let illegal immigrants move by aircraft and receive benefits through some aid programs.

Comer and Grothman requested documentation and correspondence pertaining to the pilot by August 12 and a briefing on the project as soon as possible.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.