Top Senate Democrat Busted for Peddling Fake News

Chuck Schumer is currently the top Senate Democrat, seeing as he leads the majority party in the upper congressional chamber. Schumer is working right alongside Pelosi, the top House Democrat, in order to pass President Biden’s horrific agenda.

Schumer, like other Democrats, believes in doing all he can to grasp more power, despite the measures this requires. Schumer comes from leftist New York, hence explaining his leftist radicalism and refusal to work with Republicans in any meaningful fashion.

Many Democrats, such as Virginia leftist gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, are frequently busted for spreading disinformation and lies to advance their own agendas. Now, Townhall confirms that Schumer’s recently faced punitive action for spreading falsehoods.

The Removal of Schumer’s Super PAC Ad

In Nevada, a Schumer super PAC ran an ad regarding GOP opponent Adam Laxalt. The ad professed Laxalt stood against a child tax credit and didn’t want to decrease the prices senior citizens have to pay for prescription drugs.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) quickly took action. The GOP body even warned that if stations continued to run an outrightly false ad, they’d find themselves on the receiving end of legal action. Eventually, Schumer’s fake news ad was removed from the air.

Laxalt also weighed in on the matter himself. The Schumer opponent declared the people of Nevada can’t trust anything Schumer says, seeing as he’ll employ any means to win an election.

The Senate Majority Leader himself has not publically addressed the matter of his own super PAC spreading demonstrable lies about a political opponent. It appears Schumer hopes all of this will blow over if he doesn’t bring attention to the matter.

Voting Democrats Out of Office

The stunt Schumer attempted to pull with lying about Laxalt’s record and policies is all the more reason why the New York Democrat needs to go. Americans cannot trust Schumer; furthermore, they cannot even trust him to speak honestly when it regards matters of public policy.

Right now, Schumer is trying to push a radical communist agenda on the American people. Voting him out of office will mean saving the country from Democrats having one more reinforcement in the halls of Congress.

Schumer needs to go and so does Pelosi. The Senate and House majorities need to be swiftly restored to the GOP in November 2022. This is the only way the country can begin to heal and rebuild from the absolute messes the Democrat Party has created.

What do you think about Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer getting busted for spreading lies about his political challenger in a super PAC ad? Do you think Schumer should be voted out of office? Let us know what your ideas are in the comments section below.