Top Republicans Now Distancing Themselves from Trump

Two weeks ago, when angry supporters of President Trump broke into the U.S. Capitol Hill, they set into motion a series of events.
The riots that overtook the Capitol last week led to several social media sites banning the 45th president from their platforms; additionally, the insurrection caused a loss of business for multiple Trump companies and establishments. Even some allies of the 45th president have sought to put distance between themselves and Trump since January 6th.

“Photo of the Day: December 20, 2017” (Public Domain) by The Trump White House

Yesterday, Trump bid the American people farewell in a White House address. This morning, the outgoing president left the White House for a final time and headed to Joint Base Andrews for a send-off ceremony.
Prior to this ceremony, news broke that multiple top Republicans would not attend. This happens as many top leaders of the GOP are now seeking to not attach themselves to the 45th president, Breitbart News explains.

A Post-Trump GOP

Some Republicans have outrightly blamed and condemned President Trump for the riots two weeks ago; others voted to impeach the 45th president or stated that he bore partial responsibility for his supporters breaking into congressional chambers.
In an odd turn, outgoing Vice President Mike Pence, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell are not attending Trump’s send-off ceremony.

After the 6th of this month, the Trump-Pence relationship significantly soured. Some Trump supporters who mobbed the Capitol chanted to “hang” the vice president; meanwhile, Trump tweeted out two weeks ago that Pence lacked the courage to stop the certification of electoral votes for Biden. Later reports indicated that Pence was furious with Trump.
The lack of attendance from McConnell arrived after he accused Trump of misleading his supporters who broke into Capitol Hill the other week. Likewise, while Leader McCarthy opposed the impeachment of Trump, McCarthy also proposed a censure resolution against the 45th president.

Only Just the Beginning

While speaking with reporters earlier this morning, the 45th president explained that the past four years served as the honor of a lifetime. With Melania Trump by his side, the outgoing president also professed that today’s goodbye won’t be a “long-term” one.

Trump did not deliver remarks about Pence and other Republicans’ decisions not to attend his send-off ceremony at Joint Base Andrews.
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