Tlaib: Trump "Scared" of Women of Color

Rep. Rashida Tlaib and other members of the infamous “Squad” (Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, and Ilhan Omar) have ongoingly sparred with President Trump. The president has criticized these four congresswomen for their concerning statements and horrible policies.

Some examples of the worst statements from “The Squad” include referencing 9/11 as “some people did something” and claiming that thinking of the Holocaust provides a “calming feeling.” Furthermore, these congresswomen have openly called for the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

“The Squad” doesn’t take criticism very well, despite being the most outspoken members of the House Democrat caucus. Whenever the four congresswomen find themselves on the receiving end of criticism, they have a tendency to assert that any and all pushback is racially motivated. This is what Tlaib did when she claimed that President Trump fears women of color, as documented by Fox News.

Continuing the Feud with President Trump

Tlaib delivered the aforementioned assessment of the president during an interview with The Guardian which published yesterday. In this interview, Tlaib not only alleged that the president fears women of color, but she moreover claimed that Trump is a “white supremacist” with an agenda of hate.

This rhetoric is not new or shocking; it’s what all Democrats say time and time again. At this point, it’s a pretty well-known fact that the Democrats will call anyone a racist if they disagree with left-wing dogma.

The statements from the congresswoman ultimately read as follows:

“It’s been very clear to me, especially this last week, that he’s scared of us. He’s afraid of women of color because we’re not afraid of him and we’re not afraid to speak up and say that we have a white supremacist in the White House who has a hate agenda. He’s afraid because we have a real agenda for the American people.”

Why Does Trump Censure “The Squad?”

Members of “The Squad” regularly face censure due to their policies and their rhetoric; it has absolutely nothing to do with them being women of color. Each of the four congresswomen has made concerning statements, although Omar and Tlaib’s support for BDS and anti-Israel stances are especially outrageous. “The Squad” also regularly hits the president with criticism and accusations time and time again; they cannot cry victim when Trump returns the favor.

As long as Tlaib and other Democrats continue to play the race card when they’re losing, their credibility will continue to go down the drain.

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