Three U.S. Service Members, One Contractor Killed in Afghanistan in IED Attack

Yesterday, three United States military officers and one contractor died as a result of an explosive.
At this time, investigations into this matter are still underway; however, the Taliban has taken credit for this tragedy, as documented by Townhall.

Everything You Need to Know

In addition to the aforementioned lost lives, several other service members sustained major injuries as a result of the carried out attack. The injured persons were subsequently removed from the danger zone and given medical care. Officials have confirmed that the attack was carried out by an IED and likely planned and premeditated.
Thus far, a total of seven military officers have lost their lives in Afghanistan this year. Right now, a total of roughly 14,000 military service members are stationed in Afghanistan. In 2018, President Trump briefly thought about reducing the number of troops in Afghanistan by 50% and withdrawing from Syria altogether.

What Happens Now

One of the most troubling and heartbreaking things to do is to inform the families of service members who have lost their lives. Thus far, the specific names of the recently deceased are being kept out of the public until at least 24 hours after their families are aware of what happened.
Commanding general of Resolute Support and USFOR-A Scott Miller provided a statement in light of the three tragic passings:

“We feel and mourn the loss of these Americans with their families and loved ones. They volunteered to protect their country. We will continue our mission.”

Whenever a service member goes to war, there is always a considerable chance that they might not come back. Even those who do come back often have serious scars from what they witnessed and experienced in war.
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