'This Is America In 2019': An Elderly Man Was Attacked For Wearing A MAGA Hat

Yet another individual who openly supports President Trump and elected to wear a red, Make America Great Again hat has found themselves on the receiving end of physical assault, as documented by Townhall.

Reviewing What Happened

A New Jersey-based 81-year-old man is the latest target of the fascist liberal left who has no tolerance for those who dare to openly support the president. Although the story is still being developed, it has been determined that the elderly man was targeted at a Shop Rite supermarket after being challenged about wearing his MAGA hat. The 81-year-old is said to have only suffered minimal injuries, although he did not accept medical assistance.
Additional developments regarding the more specific nature of this story are likely to come.

Attacks on Trump Supporters

The news stories of Trump supporters facing attacks continue to mount. The reality is that the Democrats have inexplicably told their backers that there is nothing wrong with going after Americans who do not support leftist values. This is something which is very unfortunate, yet it cannot be denied. As the left persists in ignoring cases where Trump supporters are victimized, the evidence remains.
The only question now is: what comes next?
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