Thieving and Deceiving Nancy Pelosi Finally Pushed Out of Power

It’s not that hard to hate on former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, especially if we look at how she treated the former president and the entirety of his agenda, demonizing Republicans while pretending to fight for the poor all these years.

Aside from making history by being one of the longest-standing House Speakers in American history, it’s important to remember that Pelosi is also the only speaker to have lost the House of Representatives not once, but twice.

Pelosi made millions working as a public servant

Unfortunately, she didn’t let her legacy end there. She decided to go for one final Hail Mary on her way out the door, cementing herself as one of the most negatively impactful public servants in the establishment.

Instead of actually fighting for the people like she’d promised dozens of times, it seems that Pelosi’s endgame was to amass as much wealth as possible through her work in public service. This is noted by the fact her net worth skyrocketed to around $300 million in the meantime.

This means the rest of the Pelosi bloodline will have no trouble pursuing their woke passions and liberal arts degrees without a care in the world; whereas the rest of us aren’t likely to have access to that sort of luxury.

In fact, not a single Democratic donor is bound to have any benefit from her work in the establishment, save for a couple of elites from the party. Even after all that, she’s still dead-set on milking every last dollar out of them.

Why can’t Paul pay for it instead?

This is where Pelosi’s latest endeavor in growing her fortune comes in, aptly named the “Pelosi Legacy Fund.” It will continue driving low-income Democrats into credit card debt all for the sake of funding a vanity project.

The fund will continue funneling cash into the Pelosi family’s vault and help the soon-departing grandma fund all her travel expenses and so much more for the rest of her life; albeit seeing as she’s already 82, the majority of it will go to her relatives.

According to the former House Speaker, every dollar raised for the fund will help elect incredible Democrats and defeat the so-called “extremist Republicans” that have been stagnating progress in the United States.

During her speech, Pelosi stated she was hoping for at least $50k in donations by the end of the night. Pelosi is preying on small-dollar donors who are already struggling to get by in this economy while she eats $16 “Eat The Rich” ice cream out of her $25k freezer.

In fact, she came back that same night to beg for more, with an e-mail sent out to all her supporters, asking them for “one final push” to blow the End of Week goal out of the water.

The very idea that she’s asking for donations from people whose entire salary is a fraction of what her husband makes in a day is disgusting. She’s willing to push every notion of what’s acceptable and what isn’t to help fund her lavish lifestyle and projects.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.