The VA Just Hired A Felon Who Attacked Judge's Daughter In The Shower

The Department of Veteran Affairs recently hired criminal John C. Perrys to work in their human resources department, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Reviewing the Employment of John C. Perrys

Right now, the Department of Veteran Affairs is facing some scrutiny as reports of their new hire makes various headlines. In 2005, John Perrys was arrested and subsequently incarcerated for breaking and entering into the home of a judge, assaulting his daughter while she showered and slashing the brakes on her car. Perrys’ sentence included one decade, plus three more decades of probation. However, he was released from jail in January 2014.
Apparently, Perrys’ troubling legal history doesn’t seem problematic to the Department of Veteran Affairs. One of their spokespersons issued the following public statement as it pertains to Perrys’ employment:

“[Perrys] was properly vetted by VA’s Human Resource Office and Security Investigations prior to his employment at the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center nearly four years ago. Since the time of his employment, Perrys has maintained an exemplary employment record and as such has progressed into roles with increasing responsibility.”

Perrys’ role in the human resources department puts him in charge of reviewing prospective job hires.
In recent years, the Department of Veteran Affairs has faced a fair amount of attention for their mismanagement of veterans. News of Perrys’ hire is definitely not going to help their cause.
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