The Trump administration has proven it will Make America Great

Upon entering office in 2016, President Trump made a promise that he would do anything possible to make America everything that it both once was and that it should be. He has not faltered on his promise, and it is killing Democrats because they need fuel to drive their agendas of world domination…even if it’s at the expense of the American citizens themselves.

We don’t have to look very far for examples of how the United States is beginning to shift in its power as a direct result of the Trump administration. There was a time when people in other countries fled to America illegally to find a better life, often reaping the full benefit of the United States without having to pay the taxes required. Without a doubt, this caused the economy to suffer greatly considering thousands of people were sucking the government dry as they used government assistance to survive in America. Well, this turn of events halted in its tracks the moment Trump put his foot down on the Honduran migrants who rushed to the border to seek asylum in the United States. Currently, asylum seekers are still awaiting their due date for their legal right to reside in America. Although the Trump administration has created tent cities to accommodate the asylum seekers, many liberals continue to argue that Trump is being insensitive and inhumane in his actions toward the migrants…although they can’t seem to provide valid points on how the Trump administration has gone beyond the cruelty of the Obama administration which was the first to severe migrant children from their families.

America is beginning to see a strong transition both economically and politically. The trade wars that currently exist between the U.S. and China is a powerful example of how the Trump administration continues to stand firm on its demand for economic protection and technological strength. Not allowing China to overpower the United States with technology that has the ability to spy, among other things, is something that should be praised because it proves that the best interest of the American people is at hand. The total value of goods produced and services provided in the U.S. (the gross domestic product) has grown by more than 3%, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis. This is critical because it shows that the GDP is rising, as is the nation’s economy.

It’s unfortunate that the Trump administration and its achievements thus far are completely overlooked by the media. The biased left-leaning media continues to ignore the gains by Trump on his brand of capitalism. Despite his contribution to the economic growth, foreign policy, and trade, it is still apparent that these successes will continue to slide under the radar of the media. Over 2,000 negative comments, versus 100 positive comments, were made by reporters regarding the Trump administration, according to the Media Research Center. The lack of balance within the far-left media will only continue to make it difficult for any American to understand how we as a collective whole within America are truly advancing.

It should come as no surprise that President Trump does not receive support from Democrats considering he continues to push an agenda that supports American stability, rather than American socialism. Socialism has continued to be the ruin of many countries, including the UK, and although it is based on a ‘feel good’ theme, it is not a system that supports economic growth. Trump understands this and continues to push initiatives that provide the groundwork for stability both politically and economically. We are truly heading toward a nation that will be great, thanks to important strategies that are being incorporated by the Trump administration currently. Let’s not forget that when America is great, we are all great!