The Plot Thickens in Biden’s Scandal Over Classified Records

Last month, Americans became privy to the reality of Joe Biden having sensitive records in his possession. Due to their classified nature, many folks questioned why they were found within Biden’s home, professional workspace, and even inside his garage.

It begs to question what they were doing there, how they got there, and how long these records may have possibly remained where they shouldn’t be.

As it stands today, the Biden administration claims the president is fully cooperating with federal government officials as this matter is under review.

However, as reported by Hot Air, it’s now coming out that Biden’s improper possession of sensitive documents, along with the authorities’ knowledge of it, predates January 2023.

A New Break in the Story

Apparently, the middle of November 2022 is when the authorities learned of Biden having classified records. This led to the FBI conducting a search of the Penn Biden Center. Evidently, the current president’s attorneys are the ones who discovered the first batch of sensitive documents.

Nevertheless, news of this search late last month raises new questions. It remains to be seen what the search turned up and what else FBI officials may have discovered. Whatever it was, Americans certainly weren’t made aware of the president’s ownership of classified documents in 2022.

Some Americans are now speculating that the country just learned of sensitive records in Biden’s possession last month because this is when federal authorities started requesting missing documents.

At the rate things are going, this month could very well reveal more information about the records in Biden’s possession, what all he knows, when his legal counsel began cooperating with the feds, and more.

White House Under Fire

For federal officials to have searched the Biden Penn Center in late 2022 is big news. Though it’s information that the White House chose to keep from the American people, despite its previous promises to be the most transparent presidential administration in history.

Because of what all has come out, it begs to question whether or not additional things are happening behind the scenes which Americans have yet to learn about. Right now, there is no way to be totally sure of what the White House may be keeping under wraps for as long as it can.

Nevertheless, this is a saga that won’t go away. Other current and former officials, such as former Vice President Mike Pence and former President Trump, have likewise been found with classified records in their own residences and workspaces.

There could very well be members of other presidential administrations who also have sensitive documents. It’s impossible to be absolutely certain right now; though time will undoubtedly tell.

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