Obama's Officials Behind The Alabama False Flag Campaign Identified

New developments have evidenced that Obama administration officials share some responsibility in the false flag campaign during the 2017 Alabama special election, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

A Closer Look at the False Flag Campaign

For quite some time, there has been a fair amount of proof that foul play occurred during Alabama’s most recent special election. Conclusively, Democrat Doug Jones defeated Republican candidate Roy Moore; however, there are a variety of factors which played into Jones’ victory. One of them certainly appears to be the existence of a false flag campaign which was ultimately created with the intention of discrediting Moore.
The individuals with direct and influential involvements in the false flag campaign include Mickey Dickerson, the former campaign organizer of Obama and Evan Coren, a National Archives unit worker. At this time, there are still certain degrees of ambiguity regarding the specific roles which Dickerson and Coren played. Various sources are still attempting to get the full details on this information.
However, based on what has currently come to light, there are some key points which have been established regarding the false flag campaign. First and foremost, one of the biggest aims of the aforementioned campaign revolved around misleading conservative voters into believing that Moore planned to reimpose prohibition. In order to carry out this goal, a “Dry Alabama” Facebook page was created. Following its creation, various photos of devastated families and car crashes were posted; the ultimate message behind the page was that alcohol ought to be prohibited.
An additional action of the false flag campaign including spamming Moore’s Twitter account with phony Russian followers. The new influx of followers was quickly picked up and reported by various media outlets.
Since the news of the false flag campaign, Doug Jones has stated that he knew nothing about it. Moreover, Jones called for a probe in order to unearth the responsible individuals.

The Danger of False Flag Campaigns

Regardless of where one stands politically, it is safe to say that false flag campaigns are extremely damaging. They ultimately delegitimize the entire political process, which does harm to America as a nation.
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