The Mueller Probe End is Just the Beginning of Trump's Headaches

Many Americans might believe that the forthcoming end of the Mueller probe will mark a milestone of halting baseless investigations into President Trump. Unfortunately, this is far from what’s really happening, as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The End and the Beginning

Democrats have already decided that President Trump is guilty of collusion with the Russian government and a series of other crimes which they are fishing for. This is precisely why the results of the Russia probe will not matter. The left will say or do anything just for one more last-ditch effort to stick it to Trump. Already, they are initiating additional investigations which would center around the Trump White House and the Trump Organization.
As a matter of fact, members of the Trump administration have weighed in on the investigations to come. One senior official affirmed that this is all about sour grapes on the end of the Democrats and their ire that President Trump managed to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016, despite the odds being stacked against him:

“This was never about Russian collusion. This was never about Mueller. This was never about truth or justice. This was about taking down President Trump and nullifying the election. They still can’t get over the fact that Trump won the election and that the American people voted for him over Hillary.”

House Democrats have already begun launching investigations into the president’s financial records and documents. They are desperate to find anything which will point to collusion and abuse of power. More than anything, this simply proves what a bust the Russia investigation has been.
The extent to which the Democrats will go to push the narrative of Trump being some ruthless criminal will only be revealed with time. However, many Democrats have already failed to state whether or not they would accept the results of Mueller’s probe. This should tell the American people everything they need to know.
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