The Manure-Spreaders of Media Sensationalism

Which each passing day, the media continues to remind so many Americans why they are credibly referenced as “fake news.” According to Townhall, there are some inconsistencies regarding the alleged attacks which Empire actor Jussie Smollett experienced on Tuesday morning.

The Original Story

Originally, the story stated that Smollett happened to be leaving a Subway in Chicago at roughly 2:00 AM when strangers began to approach him. These strangers are then said to have physically assaulted Smollett, including pouring bleach on him and wrapping a noose around his neck. Reportedly, Smollett’s attackers hurled racial and homophobic expletives at him in addition to saying “This is MAGA country.” Following the alleged attack, Smollett is said to have taken himself to the hospital for treatment. Since the incident, he has been released.

The Parts that Don’t Add Up

Nobody is saying that Smollett deserved to be attacked. However, there are some questions and some discrepancies which make Smollett’s account of the attack seem fishy, at best. Why did TMZ run a report claiming that Smollett’s attackers were Trump-supporting white men who yelled, “this is MAGA country” when the Chicago police report DENIES that Smollett was able to identify the race of his attackers? The police report furthermore DENIED that the attackers said anything about “MAGA country.”
The statement from the Chicago police reads as follows:

“According to the victim, the offenders’ faces were concealed. We have no record indicating that [they shouted ‘MAGA’], we only have record of them shouting racial and homophobic slurs at him. We have no record of The MAGA Country comment. We have racial and homophobic comments documented.”

The police report was left out of the version of the story which the media chose to run with. Of course, AFTER the police followed up with Smollett about the alleged incident, he then somehow recalled commentary about “MAGA country” from his attackers.
Authorities provided the following statement:

“In the initial reports there was no mention of MAGA. When detectives followed up with him later in the day, he recalled the offenders’ making those comments and detectives completed a supplemental report.” 

Sure thing. After the dust settled, Smollett magically recalled that attackers mentioned “MAGA country.” If that statement was truly made, why did he not remember it during his initial report to authorities? This is what many Americans are wondering. This isn’t the last that we’ll be hearing of this story.
What do you think happened? Do you believe that Smollett’s attackers yelled, “this is MAGA country” during the events which transpired? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!