The Importance of Human Connection


Human connection is something that’s garnered more and more attention, especially since the rise of COVID. It’s something more Americans have had to think about and determine whether certain measures in the name of “protection” are truly appropriate.

Many people have warned that things like wearing face coverings interfere with human connection. This is because the mask covers the nose and mouth, which are key factors towards reading facial expressions and picking up on non-verbal communication cues.

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Social distancing is something else that’s come up during debates about human connection. When people are six feet apart, they cannot hug or truly be close to one another. Over time, this also has adverse impacts on human connections with others.

As we head into this holiday season, the importance of human connection remains more relevant than ever.

Hope and Thankfulness

Human connection fosters hope and thankfulness. It allows people not to feel alone, but to instead feel bonded with their loved ones. Being able to hug someone, rather than being banned from going within six feet of them, matters.

Likewise, the ability to sit across from loved ones at the holiday dinner table is much more meaningful than merely looking into a screen over Zoom or Skype.

Last Thanksgiving, many Americans did the latter over the former. Likewise, travel slowed down; however, human connection appears to be on the rise in 2021.

Polls ahead of Thanksgiving indicated more than six in ten Americans had plans to gather with people who do not live with them. These polls also aligned with reports stating record numbers of people will be traveling (whether by air or by road) for Thanksgiving.

Choosing Love Over Fear

As sad as it may be, there are many forces in this country that want Americans to be fearful, rather than loving and connected to other humans.

There are people who, if they had things their way, would have the nation locked up and isolated forever, with Zoom and the internet being the only ways to maintain contact with other humans.

However, this past year has shown a growing number of Americans are more committed to human connection than ever. People are shutting off Zoom and instead flying or driving around the country to be with their loved ones in person.

Growing numbers of people are rejecting the ill notion that it’s an inherently dangerous feat to gather with loved ones in person. Despite all the challenges America faces, countless people in this country are fighting back against fear.

This is all something we should remember and implement for not just this holiday season, but also the times to follow.

Do you believe human connection is something that’s making a comeback? Are more Americans rejecting fear in the name of love? Let us know in the comments section below.