Texas Seeing Massive Increase in Business Migration

The state of Texas is having a big impact on the United States in so many regards. For most of this year, Texas has been working to get the southern border back in order, amid the mess the federal government made.

Likewise, Texas has consistently stood up against medical mandates forcing masks and COVID vaccines on people against their will. Other matters working in favor of Texas deal with the state’s business-friendly nature and policies that permit growth.

As it turns out, growing numbers of business owners are deciding Texas is a great state for them to run their companies. Over the weekend, Greg Abbott, the Republican governor of the Lone Star State, discussed the rise of businesses coming to Texas, according to Newsmax.

A Major Win for the Lone Star State

During a Sunday Morning Futures interview, Governor Abbott explained Texas repeatedly standing up for the liberties of individuals has attracted a massive increase of new businesses pouring into the state.

Samsung, Tesla, and other businesses are just some of the 70 enterprises that have moved to the Lone Star State in 2021 alone. Abbott also declared Texas’ commitment to economic innovation, production, and industry is doing the state some major favors.

Later, the Texas governor also talked about how his state has repeatedly held the line, fighting against Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates in court. These mandates are getting held up in the courts; likewise, Biden’s attempt to get the case transferred to a different court failed altogether.

Abbott made it clear he is very proud the Lone Star State has been taking a stand against medical tyranny. Texas has undoubtedly been a major player in Biden’s oppression getting shut down in its tracks altogether.

The Migration of Businesses in America

Governor Abbott is spot on when it comes to the shifts businesses are making in the United States. As more companies move to pro-freedom, red states like Texas, they’re also fleeing from blue states like California with heavy medical mandates and crushing regulations.

If blue states continue on their current course, they’re going to keep driving businesses away. As business migration across the country shows, most business owners don’t want the government breathing down their neck.

States like Texas prioritize the rights of business owners without penalizing them for their profits. Meanwhile, states like California seem driven and determined to squeeze every penny they can out of folks who are trying to run a business.

What are your thoughts about the interview Texas Governor Greg Abbott gave to Sunday Morning Futures? Do you believe businesses in the United States are going to continue leaving blue states for red states? We’d like to know what you think in the comments section.