Texas Governor Slams Leftist Lies on Election Integrity Bills


The Democrat Party has an unfortunate, yet irrational, fear of any legislation that seeks to uphold election integrity. Time after time, Democrats continue to false defame election integrity bills as Jim Crow voter suppression and other racist attempts to bar minorities from voting in elections. 

These claims couldn’t be more untrue, yet leftists are hoping that if they repeat the lies enough, they’ll eventually stick. President Biden even upped the ante when he sent the Justice Department after Georgia, due to the state’s election integrity legislation known as S.B. 202. 

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Earlier this week, Biden and his leftist sycophants continued their meritless attacks on election integrity bills, this time targeting Texas. However, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is firing back against the misinformation, as Fox News confirms. 

The Texas Governor on Misinformation Surrounding Election Integrity Legislation

Several days ago, Texas Democrats made headlines when they fled the state as a means of stalling the state legislature’s vote on election integrity legislation. However, this delaying tactic ultimately failed; just yesterday, the Texas Senate passed the election integrity bill that Democrats attempted to hold up. 

Governor Abbott also announced that Texas Democrats who abdicated their roles will be arrested upon their return to the Lone Star State. Furthermore, the Texas governor made clear that both President Biden and the Democrat Party have a duty to stop spewing disinformation about legislation for election integrity. 

Abbott ultimately stated that Biden’s comments about Republican-led election integrity bills are wrong; the Texas GOP governor then paralleled this to a time when Biden wrongly called the reversal of Texas’ statewide mask mandate “Neanderthal thinking.” 

It is unconscionable that Texas Democrats would flee the state for the purposes of holding up a bill. However, the left chose to coddle these lawmakers, rather than telling them to go back to Texas and do the job taxpayers pay them for. Furthermore, Vice President Kamala Harris reportedly met with the Democrats who left Texas earlier this week. 

The Bigger Picture

According to several reports, Vice President Harris’ meeting with Texas Democrats centered around changing the Senate filibuster; of course, this is something congressional Democrats are pushing for.

Striking down the filibuster will give Democrats room to pass election takeover legislation (like the For the People Act) without a single GOP vote. Thus far, however, Democrats’ attempts to remove the filibuster have failed.

Moderate Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are not supportive of ending the filibuster; therefore, Senate Democrats do not have the votes. 

What do you think of the Texas governor’s pushback against leftist lies about election integrity legislation? Do you think Texas Democrats should be accountable for fleeing the state to stall legislation? We want your feedback in the comments section below.