Texas Bill Removing “Rogue” Prosecutors Passed by Lawmakers

May 28th marked a turning point for Texas.

The state legislature passed a bill that could potentially revolutionize the state’s justice system, allowing for locally elected prosecutors to be removed if they’re not doing their job.

The bill in question was introduced by Senator Joan Huffman earlier in 2023. It passed the Senate vote with flying colors on Sunday last week by a 20-11 ratio.

The Lone Star State’s justice system just got an overhaul

It’s on the way to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk as we speak.

He’s likely going to sign it into law; the bill would be beneficial to the law-abiding Texans who have lived at the mercy of these so-called prosecutors that plagued the state.

If the legislation is signed into law, it would allow anyone living in a county for over six months to file a petition against a prosecutor if they failed to prosecute a criminal offense.

This is a game changer and will give the American people the opportunity to interact with the justice system in a way they never could before, ridding it of the many woke prosecutors who choose to side with the criminals instead.

In the legislation, misconduct is defined as any intentional behavior or action that leads to unlawful conduct and performance of the prosecutor’s duties.

That’s including the instruction of law enforcement to not arrest a certain individual who is suspected of committing an offense.

DA’s refuse to prosecute “minor offenses”

By implementing this law, Texas judges will be able to order the removal of an attorney on the spot, after which the state governor will appoint a replacement to the position until the next election cycle.

The legislation itself came to be after a group of attorneys across the nation, five of them being from Texas, signed a letter claiming they’ll be refusing to take on any cases that criminalize abortion.

That being said, if you look at Texas law, you’ll find that abortion is a felony. The only exceptions are extreme cases where the mother’s life is at risk of death or severe impairment if she were to deliver the baby at that time.

However, this goes way past just abortion.

Some prosecutors, including Dallas District Attorney John Creuzot, stated they’ll no longer be pursuing charges for low-level theft, which refers to any theft of a personal item valued at or under $750.

Rep. David Cook explained the legislation was necessary in order to get these rogue attorneys under control, which would also contribute to the removal of politics from the prosecution process.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.