Texas Bans All COVID Vaccine Mandates Throughout the State


COVID vaccine mandates have gotten way out of hand in the United States.

A Backstory on COVID Vaccine Mandates

There are people losing their jobs and their livelihoods over their personal choice regarding individual medical decisions. Then, there are other individuals losing out on getting lifesaving organ transplants simply because they don’t want the COVID vaccine.

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What’s sadly ironic about this is the same folks who have screamed for years that healthcare is a “human right” are now openly cheering on people being denied organ transplants for not getting vaccinated.

On top of all this, Southwest Airlines has cancelled thousands of flights over the past few days, due to pilots and other airline workers protesting the COVID vaccine mandate.

Southwest wants Americans to think this is because of weather; yet, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) isn’t backing this up and other airlines aren’t cancelling thousands of their flights. Meanwhile, Americans everywhere are saying this is about the mandate and they’ve reportedly spoken to Southwest workers who confirm this.

On Monday, the state of Texas made a bold, constructive move they should have made from the very beginning. Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed an executive order banning any “entity” in the Lone Star State from implementing COVID vaccine mandates, as documented by Breitbart News.

Texas’ Ban Against COVID Vaccine Mandates

According to Governor Abbott’s executive order, no entities in Texas may require individuals to take the COVID vaccine or require individuals show proof of vaccination. This executive order has furthermore been passed onto the third Special Session plan so it becomes Texas law.

Abbott’s order furthermore declares while the COVID vaccine is efficient and the best defense against coronavirus, no one should be forced against their will to take this shot.

Abbott’s executive order comes amid the Southwest strike, mass firings due to COVID vaccine mandates, and staffing shortages as more businesses lose workers because of this mandate.

Democrats are already kicking and screaming about this, stating that the Texas governor is supposedly “killing” people by not allowing them to be railroaded into getting a vaccine they do not want.

At this point, it is high time for more leaders to take bold and effective action such as this. The COVID vaccine mandates have crossed several lines; Democrats and pro-mandate people are using this virus to control people and erode the freedoms which this nation was founded upon.

The COVID vaccine remains free and available to anyone who wants it; however, as the Texas governor notes, no one should be bullied or pushed into getting the vaccine. It has to be an individual choice; individuals must remain free to make their own healthcare decisions.

What do you think about Texas’ executive order banning any and all COVID vaccine mandates? Let us know below in the comments section.