Terror Threat Busted at Southern Border For Trying to Illegally Enter America

From the onset of Joe Biden’s administration, Republicans warned that he’d be making a mistake by allowing illegal immigration to run amuck. Nevertheless, Biden still chose to embrace policies that attracted and enabled illegal immigration.

Earlier this month, the president also opted to go through with nuking Title 42, despite calls on both sides of the aisle for him to hold off on doing this.

Unfortunately, the ugly consequences of illegal immigration continue to materialize.

According to fresh developments from the New York Post, one of the latest consequences is an Afghanistan resident on the FBI’s terror threat list attempting to enter the United States via the southern border.

Only the Beginning

Thankfully, US authorities managed to apprehend the Afghan who wanted to get into the country through the border. It was when they fingerprinted him while he was in custody that they learned he was on the terror watchlist of the FBI.

Republicans previously warned about this.

It’s been stated time and time again that by Biden refusing to have any serious immigration enforcement measures in place, he was opening the floodgates to not just illegal migrants, but also terrorists, human traffickers, and other bad actors.

So far, the FBI is keeping the Afghan’s name and other details under wraps; however, the fact that someone on the FBI’s terror watchlist even came close to entering the United States is jarring without any further details.

Buckle Up

At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before another incident like this emerges, if it hasn’t already. Right now, the White House is still justifying its border policies and refusing to accept the fact that illegal immigration poses danger to America’s national security.

As the Biden administration keeps trying to explain away the situation at the southern border, states like Texas and Arizona are the ones stuck with the ongoing consequences of unlawful immigration.