Tensions Rise Between Troops at Southern Border

The issues which the Southern border is faced with are very serious and well-documented.
U.S. National Guard soldiers experienced this first-hand when troops from Mexico pulled guns on them, according to Fox News. This occurrence didn’t sit well with President Trump who provided his thoughts on the matter this morning.

Everything You Need to Know

Mexican troops are said to have held U.S. troops at gunpoint as the latter carried out their patrol duties. Apparently, Mexican troops had concerns about whether or not members of the National Guard were on their own territory. This didn’t go over well with either President Trump or Brandon Judd, the National Border Patrol Council president.
The president posted the following tweet earlier this morning:

Judd also released a statement about the situation which occurred at the Southern border:

“I don’t know one Border Patrol agent that is going to accept that story that the Mexican military thought that these national guardsmen were in Mexico. We have hundreds upon hundreds of incursions by the Mexican military into the U.S., yet we have very few incursions by Border Patrol agents into Mexico.”

Mexico’s decision to pull guns on U.S. troops is one of many issues at the border. President Trump also tweeted about the large migrant caravan which is currently making its way to the United States and called upon Mexico to act accordingly:

Tensions at the border have been getting worse for quite some time. Illegal immigration still serves as a major concern; Border Patrol agents continue to report that their resources are becoming strained with more and more unlawful attempts to enter into America. The new caravan currently making its way to the Southern border isn’t helping matters either.
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