Tensions Flare in Atlanta As Antifa Protests Police Shooting

Violent Antifa advocates have reacted to the raid of ‘Cop City’ with a call for an alarming “Night of Rage” against police officers.

The incident saw one activist lose their life and another state trooper sustain injuries during Georgia State Patrol’s clearing operation on Wednesday. It happened at the site of the upcoming Atlanta Public Safety Training Center worth $90 million, which is sure to rattle citizens throughout the city.

Calls for Retribution in the Wake of Fatal Police Shooting

At a press conference yesterday, Georgia Bureau of Investigations director Michael Register declared the trooper’s use of deadly force during last week’s protest was an act of self-defense.

According to Register, the event quickly took a turn for the worse when shots rang out from one protester without warning.

Calls for retribution have been made in the wake of a fatal police shooting, with activists demanding justice through an upcoming ‘Night of Rage.’ The event will take place amidst simmering tensions and promises to bring “reciprocal violence” against law enforcement.

Scenes from the Atlanta Forest have taken to social media with a powerful call for justice, demanding retaliatory acts against police and their allies in response to what they identify as an act of murder.

“On Friday, January 20th protestors gathering nationwide should join together in solidarity as part of ‘A Night of Rage,’ honoring those lost along this journey towards real change.”

An outcry of controversy is circulating on social media as citizens reject claims that the recent death of a protestor was caused by a friendly fire.

The Defend Atlanta Forest further stated they witnessed 12 shots being fired simultaneously, raising speculation regarding the circumstances surrounding this incident.

While police have claimed to be refusing to release bodycam footage, tensions appear high and many are demanding answers.

“Friendly Fire” May Be to Blame

Reports of a fatal police shooting in the forest have been overshadowed by emerging evidence that suggests ‘friendly fire’ may be to blame.

As protests against deep-rooted issues surrounding militarization and policing continue, organizers are asking us to take care while demanding change; they remind us now is not the time for apathy, but rather bravery, as we stand together with solidarity amidst challenging times.

In the wake of a protester’s death today, the Atlanta Solidarity Fund is taking action by preparing their legal team to investigate and explore all potential options for filing wrongful death suits against Georgia State Patrol officers.

The organization voiced concern over an alleged lack of body camera footage or meaningful details released from GSP in regard to this tragic event that occurred in South Atlanta Forest.

The shooting of a Georgia State Patrol Trooper on Wednesday morning set off a wave of protests across the country, as police brace for potential bloodshed.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.