Tens of Thousands Gather in Washington DC for “Defeat the Mandates” Rally

We’ve reached a point in time where growing numbers of people are getting tired of vaccine mandates. Since the origin of COVID, people have been told that vaccines were the key to getting this pandemic behind us.

Yet, even with more Americans vaccinated, it’s turned out that vaccines aren’t the almighty answer to defeating the virus. In fact, there is already a second round of booster shots out.

Meanwhile, the CDC has announced that “fully vaccinated” is being updated to include individuals who have had their boosters.

Some people had suspicions since the inception of COVID that something wasn’t right about how the government was responding to this situation. However, even others who played along, wore masks, got their vaccines, and got their boosters are now starting to ask questions.

The goalposts seem to keep moving. No matter what anyone does, the mandates don’t end. This is why around 35,000 Americans gathered in Washington DC over the weekend to protest against vaccine mandates, as Fox News covers.

What to Know About the “Defeat the Mandates” Rally

Protesters in the nation’s capital stood together and rallied peacefully for the end of COVID vaccine mandates. The rally also included speakers such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who spoke about the history of totalitarianism.

He noted there’s never been an instance where people have been able to comply their way out of tyranny and back to freedom. Attendees of his speech wore apparel and carried signage that indicated their support for ending mandates.

The group included not just conservatives and Trump supporters, but even some Democrats. One Democrat made headlines for holding up a sign noting that he’s a leftist and vaccinated, yet also stands against vaccine mandates.

The Defeat the Mandate rally went viral on social media, forcing multiple news outlets to cover it. This rally also comes on the heels of multiple vaccine mandates pushed by Biden being defeated in various courts.

More Problems with Vaccine Mandates

Defenders of vaccine mandates often claim these measures are needed to stop COVID from spreading. However, this is a false premise.

At this point, even the CDC has come out and admitted that getting immunized against the virus doesn’t stop anyone from getting it or passing it onto other people.

This means individuals who are completely vaccinated can still test positive for COVID and then they can also spread it to other people.

The reality that COVID vaccines do not stop the infection or spread of COVID further weakens the arguments of those who continue to advocate for forced vaccination.

What do you think about the Defeat the Mandates rally that took place over the weekend? In the comments area below, let us know if you think vaccine mandates are finally on their way out.