Teen Pundit Attacked by Democrat Congresswomen

16-year-old conservative pundit C.J. Pearson took to Twitter on Tuesday to express his thoughts on the conduct of the Democrats at the State of the Union address. However, this didn’t sit well with Rep. Nydia Velázquez who elected to go after Pearson and essentially threaten him, as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Reviewing What Happened

On Tuesday night, C.J. Pearson posted the following tweet:

Now, “the woman next to [Ocasio-Cortez]” took issue with the conservative 16-year-old’s tweet because she fired back with a very questionable and indirectly threatening response:

Left-Wing Double Standards

Of course, the Democrats who claim to care for children and equality so much did not condemn Velazquez at all. The massive left-wing hypocrisy has already been exposed; Democrats only care about the fair treatment of others when it benefits their cause. The threat upon C.J. Pearson was in no way called for, but the left-wing doesn’t care.
The 16-year-old conservative pundit did, however, appear on Fox and Friends to share his thoughts on the response to his observational tweet:

I would have loved to have a discussion with the congresswoman about issues I care about, such as education, about reining in the national deficit which is $21 trillion, which is continuously kicked down the can by the leaders of today that my generation is going to have to pay back. I would have loved to have that conversation with her, but instead, she threatened and belittled me. It was classless and beneath the office that she holds.”

What are your thoughts on the Rep. Nydia Velazquez’s response to C.J. Pearson? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!
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