Ted Cruz Very Well-suited to Win Re-election

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz has consistently been a strong fighter for conservative policies in the United States. Amid the tyrannical Biden administration in office, Cruz has been immensely vocal in calling out this failed president and the danger he’s bringing to the United States.

Back in 2018, Cruz ran against Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke, handily defeating him. Texans — and many other Americans — breathed a sigh of relief as Cruz went on to represent the Lone Star State in the United States Senate.

The Texas GOP senator is not up for re-election until 2024; however, even with multiple years before this time, Cruz is already very well-suited to win re-election, as confirmed by Breitbart News.

Very Good News for Cruz’s Future in Congress

The Texas lawmaker has raised funds to the tune of over $3.7 million throughout this year’s third quarter. These funds have been garnered via various channels, including the Ted Cruz Victory Committee, Ted Cruz for Senate, along with the Jobs, Freedom, Security PAC.

This news gets even more interesting amid taking a closer look at the donors behind this massive stash of funds. An overwhelming majority of the people who donated to Cruz gave less than $100. Furthermore, the average donor to the Texas senator delivered only $36.

A spokesperson for Cruz has shared remarks about the nature of Cruz’s fundraising and what it means for the lawmaker’s future in Congress. Spokesperson Steve Guest declared these donations show that support for Cruz is vast, not just in Texas, but also throughout the United States.

Guest later confirmed that Cruz is grateful for all who have supported him, both in Texas and in other states throughout America.

A Greater Need for Strong Conservative Leaders

Now, more than ever, it’s deeply imperative to have strong conservative leaders, such as Sen. Cruz, serving and representing Americans in government. The Biden administration is on a warpath; judging from the multiple piles of crises that keep mounting, it’s only going to get uglier.

Electing and re-electing conservatives into government is critical. Between now and 2024 when Biden is up for re-election, it’s going to be vital to have conservative lawmakers countering this administration.

Conservative values are under attack right now. The same also applies to medical freedom, parents’ abilities to voice concerns about what their kids are learning in schools, and much more.

The Biden administration continues to portray weakness and incompetence. This president has no idea what he’s doing and it’s dangerous for him to have so many reinforcements in Congress at the moment.

Strong conservative leaders are paramount to keeping America from completely falling altogether.

Do you think GOP Sen. Ted Cruz is in a good position to win another senatorial term, come 2024? Let us know your views about this latest development in the comments area.