Ted Cruz Unleashes on Democrats Over Proposed Nord Stream 2 Sanctions

As Russia’s war against Ukraine escalates, the Biden administration is shouting from the rooftops about sanctions.

Biden and his staffers in the White House are desperate for Americans to think the meager sanctions they’ve imposed upon the Russian government will make a significant difference.

Meanwhile, Putin’s escalations in Ukraine and his threats against western civilization, in general, are getting more brazen and out of control.

If there’s one thing Biden’s managed to do, it’s make America look weak, rather than actually standing up against US enemies in a measured way.

However, for as much as Biden and his allies are publicizing the various sanctions they’ve implemented against Russia, they’re notably leaving out proposed sanctions against the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Thankfully, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is here to jog Democrats’ memories, according to Twitchy.

Why Won’t Biden Sanction Putin’s Favored Pipeline?

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is the Russian dictator’s beloved pet project. Last year, after Biden struck down the US Keystone XL pipeline, he moved out of the way to let Russia proceed with their own.

At the same time that Biden is talking tough about how great his sanctions against Putin are, he’s not mentioning Democrats’ refusal to take Sen. Cruz’s advice and sanction Nord Stream 2.

In fact, Cruz was actually met with filibusters from Democrats once he called for sanctions against Nord Stream 2.

The Texas senator pointed this out days ago, noting that Democrats were more invested in making Biden look good before the public than in taking real steps to prevent war crimes against Ukraine from the Russian government.

There’s also the irony of Democrats using the very same filibuster they’ve denounced as racist against a Republican when it suited their agenda of keeping Nord Stream 2 alive.

A Repeat of the Same Mistake

Just as Biden ignored calls for sanctions on Nord Stream 2 pipeline, he’s also ignoring calls to put an end to the imports of Russian oil in the United States.

In fact, support for ending these imports is amongst both Republicans and Democrats; yet, Biden still can’t muster up the courage to see it through.

Many Americans may be shocked to learn the president of the United States has been in talks with the Iranian government about possibly buying oil.

Naturally, Biden’s been lambasted for turning to an enemy nation for a critical resource that Americans are more than capable of generating here at home.

Once again, the crisis in Ukraine is a stark reminder to everyone that Biden remains asleep at the wheel and wholly unequipped to deal with foreign policy or much of anything else, for that matter.

Let us know in the comments section below why you believe Biden won’t sanction Nord Stream 2 pipeline or stop buying oil from the Russian regime.