Ted Cruz Could Run for the White House Again in 2024

Just about every single Republican is unified in the view that Joe Biden is doing a very poor job as president of the United States.

Earlier this year in Afghanistan, Biden made colossal mistakes with getting our troops out. Even after 13 US soldiers got massacred, the 46th president described what happened in Afghanistan as a success for his administration.

From a series of other matters (ranging from inflation to the US-Mexico border and beyond), Biden has time and time again shown that he doesn’t have the wherewithal to lead the United States in an appropriate fashion.

Many Republicans are eager to make a run for the White House and get the Oval Office out of Biden’s hands. As it turns out, one of the GOP contenders could be none other than Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz himself, per Fox News.

What to Know About a Cruz 2024 Presidential Run

In 2016, Ted Cruz ran for the White House. Although, Donald Trump ultimately wound up winning the nomination of the Republican Party (and subsequently becoming the next president), Cruz did come in second place.

While speaking with Truth Gazette a few days ago, Cruz explained that he wouldn’t hesitate to make another run at being America’s president. The current Texas senator also explained that his run in 2016 is one of the most enjoyable times he has ever had.

Cruz also made clear the historic precedent of runner-ups in primary elections eventually going on to win the nomination during future election cycles. Some examples of politicians who went from primary runner-ups to presidents include Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon.

Time will ultimately determine whether or not Cruz runs for the White House in 2024 or even in later elections such as 2028, 2032, etc. There’s a lot of possibility about what can happen next in politics, especially when the matter concerns presidential elections.

Other Possible GOP Candidates in 2024

Like Cruz, there are an abundance of Republicans who could end up winning the GOP’s nomination during the 2024 presidential election.

The name of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis tends to come up. DeSantis has gained massive popularity for his leadership in the Sunshine State; many of his fans also hold the view that DeSantis’ leadership would be a major asset to the United States at the federal level.

Furthermore, there’s the possibility of Trump launching a third campaign in 2024. Running for a second term once more is something that the 45th president has repeatedly flirted with.

However, Trump is projected to wait until after the 2022 midterms before making any announcements about a possible presidential run.

Which Republican do you believe should run for the White House in 2024? Do you believe Biden will be easy to beat, if he tries to go for another term? In the comments area below, let us know.