Target Selling Materials For Girls to Bind Their Chests

Culture wars continue to be front and center in America today. These culture wars are so prevalent because they impact America’s future, values, and young people.

Many culture wars overlap with politics as well. When it comes to issues like critical race theory, transgenderism for children, and more, the left and the right might as well be on opposite planets.

As politics and culture wars collide, some companies are deciding to take sides, despite the ill-advised nature of such a call. When large businesses involve themselves in culture wars that have nothing to do with their own industry standards, it only causes problems.

Target, meanwhile, has chosen to enter into the fray of culture wars. The company is doing this by selling chest binders for young girls, per Breitbart News.

A Clear Statement From Target

In a partnership with the progressive brand known as TomboyX, Target is selling a series of products that are geared toward the LGBTQ+ community.

Some of these products include underwear designed for “tucking” male genitalia and chest binders that are commonly referred to as “compression tops.”

According to TomboyX, its clothing line is designed to be a good fit for everyone “across the gender spectrum.”

This clothing line from Target doesn’t come at the best of times.

Already, there are major tensions about teachers in schools exposing young kids to information about transgenderism and gender theory.

Moreover, the political left is currently fighting against parents’ rights to not want these complex and explicit topics to be taught to their third-graders and even younger children.

Target’s team up with TomboyX likewise comes as Democrats argue that children should be able to take hormones to alter their bodily functions/puberty or even undergo permanent, irreversible gender change surgeries.

Negative Reactions From the Public

Just within the past 24 hours, news of Target selling chest binders for girls has made the rounds on social media sites like Twitter.

Now, some people are saying they’re going to steer clear of shopping at Target altogether. It goes without saying that many parents also aren’t comfortable with their kids being exposed to garments meant to “tuck” male genitalia or otherwise distort the body.

If Target continues down this current road, it will lose more customers. The company would have been much better off just selling standard clothes without making political or cultural statements.

Legally, the company has every right to promote what it wants; however, consumers also have the right to steer clear of Target.

Based on public feedback, many Americans will be taking their business elsewhere.

Do you believe it’s appropriate for Target to sell chest binders for young girls? Will this new partnership backfire on Target? We’d like to read all about your thoughts in the comments area.