Supreme Court Under Fire Amid Rising Problems in America

Many Americans have very strong concerns about where our country’s justice system is heading today.

Right now, with Joe Biden in the White House, there are real anxieties about various government agencies potentially being weaponized against conservatives and others who oppose the current administration.

Existing on top of this are worries about the rule of law being applied to the common folk in a manner that differs from how it’s applied to the elites. The infamous Hunter Biden scandal is one prime example of this.

Though amid rising problems in the United States and a decline of faith in government institutions, the Supreme Court is now finding itself under a microscope, as reported by Gateway Pundit.

A Critical Message to the Supreme Court

The highest court in the land was called out by General Mike Flynn last week. In his remarks, Flynn declared the Supreme Court has a role to play in the corruption that our country faces in real time.

He explained that the ongoing incarcerations of folks tied to the January 6 demonstrations are prime examples of constitutional rights being violated. It was at this moment that Flynn questioned the whereabouts of the Supreme Court in all of this, notably mentioning Justice John Roberts.

Later in his remarks, Flynn named some of the individuals who are spending up to 20 hours behind bars each day, despite not having yet been charged with any crimes.

Other officials have raised concerns about this. Yet, so far, there has been no action from the Supreme Court to intervene or question officials about what is happening.

This, alone, concerns Flynn, along with many other Americans who are fearful about where this country is currently heading.

No Justice?

Between the treatment of the January 6 demonstrators, COVID restrictions, and more, the words of Flynn resonate with many Americans.

To this day, new information about how the government has handled various affairs of national importance continues to come out. Yet, as new information is revealed, even more unanswered questions are being brought forward as well.

Right now, the Supreme Court is hearing out a case pertaining to the use of Section 230 as it pertains to social media. However, many Americans would make the case that there are more pressing matters at hand.

It remains to be seen what the future for America entails and whether or not more people continue to lose faith in the government operating as it should. Right now, there is a long road ahead before public institutions regain the trust they once had.

Do you believe the United States Supreme Court should step in? Do you agree with the points made by Gen. Mike Flynn? You are more than welcome to sound off in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.