Supreme Court Deals Another Blow to Biden


When the Biden administration came into power, it led with one executive order after the other. President Biden has forced through a series of executive orders; he did this with no regard for the harm or the subsequent impacts on American people or society.

Thankfully, what we’re seeing now is the power of checks and balances kicking in. Recently, a Texas, Trump-appointed judge ordered that Biden must reinstate Remain in Mexico, an immigration policy stemming back to the Trump administration. When Biden subsequently attempted to appeal this ruling to the Supreme Court, the court merely reiterated the point from the Texas judge.

This week, the Supreme Court dealt yet another blow to Biden’s lawlessness. As noted by Breitbart News, the Supreme Court ruled that the eviction moratorium can not go on any longer.

The Supreme Court on Biden’s Eviction Moratorium

Biden’s eviction moratorium essentially prevents the eviction of Americans who cannot pay rent. Supporters of this measure have touted it as critical to saving countless individuals from losing their homes; however, there’s a flip side to this.

Many property owners have issues with the eviction moratorium. Not being able to legally collect rent or kick out tenants who don’t pay is a problem; furthermore, despite the inability to collect rent, property owners are still on the hook for taxes and other property expenses.

Following the most recent expiration of Biden’s eviction moratorium, the CDC extended it. However, on Thursday, the Supreme Court struck down the program, furthermore noting that the CDC did not have the authority to extend this. The Supreme Court’s ruling follows after landlords have sought legal action to end the eviction moratorium as well.

Law and Order Takes on a Lawless President

The checks and balances of law and order are more necessary than ever with the current president occupying the Oval Office. The thing about the Supreme Court’s latest ruling is that this isn’t a surprise.

In fact, weeks ago, Americans warned that the CDC did not have the power to issue an eviction moratorium extension. At some point, even the Biden administration admitted that only Congress could further extend the moratorium. Ultimately, however, the 46th president used the CDC as an attempt to circumvent the law.

Thankfully, this did not work and the Supreme Court put this feckless president in his place yet again. This is very good news for many landlords and others who believe in the importance of private ownership and property rights.

What do you think about the Supreme Court striking down Biden’s eviction moratorium? Do you believe this is good news for landlords, property rights, and property ownership? Let us get your viewpoints on this down below in the section for comments.