Support for More Policing in America Reaches Record High

Over a year ago, Republicans warned against defunding the police. It was more than obvious that such a move would only mean disaster for the nation. However, Democrats didn’t listen; instead, they chose to cave to the radicals within their base, therefore slashing police funding at the local level. 

The end result of such a bad decision has been more crime. Stabbings, rapes, homicides, carjackings, and other crimes are up across multiple leftist cities; rather than Democrats admitting that they screwed up, they are now lying and saying that Republicans are the party that wanted to slash police funding. 

Nobody is falling for this. However, close to 80% of the country is supportive of more policing across the United States, as Breitbart News reports. 

Making America Safe Again

As it turns out, most Americans don’t aspire to live in crime-infested communities. Much of the public also now sees that law enforcement plays a vital and irreplaceable role in ensuring safety. 

On Thursday, USA Today/Ipsos released a poll showing that a vast 77% of the United States wants more law enforcement officers working street patrols. 70% also declared their positive outlook on greater funding for police departments’ nationwide budgets. This is major, seeing as several Democrat mayors took it upon themselves to slash police budgets. 

As support for more policing increases, so are attacks against law enforcement officers. It’s also no secret that police morale is at a significant low right now; many officers are choosing to either resign or retire from the force. At the same time, police departments are furthermore struggling to attract new recruits. 

Suffice it to say, this hardly bodes well for the future of public safety in the United States. One can only hope that a greater demand for policing will engender better treatment of the men and women in uniform.

The Bottom Line

There is no sustainable America without police. Despite the left’s false claims of police bias and other charges, the facts remain; Americans need police to preserve law and order, along with public safety. 

As crime surges in so many communities, Democrats in Congress are downplaying the seriousness of what’s happening. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez disregarded crime upticks as “hysteria”; meanwhile, Rep. Ayanna Pressley went on record days ago, affirming her support for defunding law enforcement during a CNN interview. 

Left unchecked, the Democrats will ruin the nation. No longer can America allow this “defund police” insanity to happen. It is time to not just fund the police, but also vote out Democrats. Their vision for the future does not align with a safe, prosperous United States. 

What do you think about the current support for more policing in America? Let us know your thoughts on increasing policing below in the comments section.