Student Attack on School Administration in Westfield Sparks Outrage

Westfield High School students were accused of senseless violence. They formed a mob and brutally assaulted the school’s principal to the point where she had to be rushed to a nearby hospital.

One of her family members spoke up after the attack, claiming the victim wasn’t even able to talk when the students were done with her, wondering why anyone would do this to a beloved teacher and principal at the school.

National lack of discipline

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first incident of its kind.

Other teachers from the school have been injured by students, some more than others, with many of them convinced the attacks will only get worse from this point on.

A teacher who chose to remain anonymous described the brutal beating in full detail, painting a picture of four violent attackers who pummeled a poor woman into the ground and started kicking her.

Unfortunately, the police officers on campus did little to prevent the attack. Even though the official statement claims a swift response from school administrators and officers followed immediately after the attack, that’s simply not true.

Another teacher from the school confirmed this, claiming that calling for help from the front office results in no one showing up. With only two officers on campus at all times, it’s hard to feel safe.

The school system is in dire need of reform

The assistant principal’s family members remain unsure how long she’s going to remain hospitalized. Considering she’s suffering from immense pains in her head and torso, she will be monitored for the time being.

At the time, there was no information on whether any of the students involved in the attack will face repercussions. It wouldn’t be surprising to see all of them walk away unscathed, especially as all of them are yet to be identified.

The harsh reality of schools in the US has just gotten worse. The freedom we’ve given to the youngest generations of students may have been a bit too much for comfort.

Our school system being in need of reform is an understatement at this point. Lawmakers in the US will have to work around the clock to return American schools to their former glory.

A teacher shouldn’t feel any less safe than a student should at a school, as it’s an institution of learning, not violence.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.