Steyer: "Racist" Trump "Hates Most Americans"

The rhetoric that 2020 Democrats use to describe President Trump is not only inaccurate and redundant, but it’s also become boring. Time and time again, the left makes this president out to be some great, evil boogeyman. Without constantly touting this fake news over and over again, Democrats would have nothing to run on and wouldn’t be able to paint themselves as these noble saviors.

President Trump and First Lady Melania T by The White House, on Flickr

President Trump and First Lady Melania T” (Public Domain) by The White House

As the election plays out, the left is getting more and more desperate. They know that their impeachment sham has majorly backfired and only further positioned President Trump for re-election. Therefore, Democrats are fearmongering, attempting to convince Americans that Trump hates them and, of course, is racist.

These are talking points recently echoed by 2020 Democrat Tom Steyer, as reported by Townhall. If Steyer and other Democrats were half as committed to working for the good of the country as they were with falsely painting the president out to be a racist, America would be much better off for it.

A Closer Look at Steyer’s False Claims About Trump

Tom Steyer maintains that he can beat the president because the latter is supposedly “racist” and hates most people living in the nation. While making these claims, Steyer failed to put forth a shred of supporting evidence; although, Steyer did take statements that the president made at the American Israeli conference, claiming to “elaborate” and explain what Trump “really meant.”

After wrongly accusing Trump of racism and hating most Americans, Steyer then claimed that the president’s only strong suit is the economy. When talking about challenging the president on the economy, Steyer professed, “I can do that.” In no way did the 2020 Democrat explain how he plans to contest the president on his economic achievements.

In many ways, Steyer’s flagrant lies about the president shouldn’t come as a shock. These are merely rehearsed and rehashed talking points that the left employs when they’re either failing to get their way, in fear of losing, or both.

Why Steyer Cannot Beat Trump

Throughout Steyer’s time as a presidential candidate, he has consistently polled below several other contenders. Right now, he’s coming in a national average of 3%; if Steyer can’t even convince his own base that he’s worth supporting, how does he expect to rally the rest of the nation?

Tom Steyer by Gage Skidmore, on Flickr

Tom Steyer” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

As Steyer continues to spread falsehoods about Trump, the president has a proven track record of success which fuels his 2020 campaign. From successful, international trade deals to a stronger economy, criminal justice reform, etc., Trump’s accomplishments carry more weight than lies from Democrats ever will.

What do you make of the same, rehashed lies from Tom Steyer? How much longer do you think he’ll remain as a presidential candidate? Let us know in the comments section below!