Steve Scalise Backs Merit-Based Immigration Plan

Last night, House Minority Whip Steve appeared on Fox News to discuss matters regarding immigration, the current laws on the books, and future ones to come.
During his time on air, Scalise furthermore expressed his support for President Trump’s plans to establish and enforce a merit-based immigration system.

A Closer Look at Scalise’s Remarks

While on The Ingraham Angle, the GOP Whip noted the poor immigration laws which are currently in effect:

“Right now, we’ve got some of the dumbest laws on the books. If we educate somebody in America to be a computer scientist or engineer … we force them to leave the country to compete against us, while we’ve got the ‘visa lottery.’¬†Why don’t we flip that narrative?”

Scalise continued by stating that a merit-based immigration system will ultimately result in people coming to America for the purpose of achieving the American Dream while also maintaining the “rule of law.” The GOP Whip furthermore expressed his belief that more moderate and centrist Democrats may be able to get behind this plan, unlike more extreme left-wingers.

The Importance of Legal, Merit-Based Immigration

When it’s all said and done, the current immigration system is not working. Despite what you may hear from the Democrats, there is a crisis at the border as migrants come and attempt to enter the United States. In many of these cases, migrants may be seeking a better life for themselves, but laws exist for a reason. If everyone who wanted to enter America was allowed to just come in at will, we wouldn’t have a country.
Legal, merit-based immigration ensures that laws are followed; it also ensures that people who come into the country are able to support themselves and contribute to the U.S. economy and workforce. Immigration to America is a privilege, not a right for just anyone who wants in.
What do you think about Scalise’s support for legal, merit-based immigration? Let us know in the comments section down below!
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