Starbucks Drinks Recalled After Broken Glass Problems

Millions of Americans are familiar with Starbucks, as are other folks around the world. Starbucks has become an international brand that’s popular and well-known for its coffees, lattes, drinks, and other snacks that appeal to the masses.

In fact, Starbucks has been so successful that it’s managed to have its drinks sold outside of its own cafes and in various grocery stores. This only further goes to solidify the company’s brand and drives up profits.

However, despite the prominence of Starbucks, it hit a real snag earlier this year. According to NBC News, this snag was so significant that it led to hundreds of thousands of company drinks being recalled.

How Did This Happen?

More than 300,000 coffee drinks from Starbucks ended up being recalled after it was discovered that some of the bottles contained glass. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) put out an official notice of this, confirming the recall was initiated by PepsiCo Inc.

In the official recall notice, consumers were informed these coffee drinks could potentially lead to a range of adverse health ramifications. Some of these ramifications may have been permanent, whereas others could simply last for a period of time.

Though in this case, the Class II recall is a prime example of being better safe than sorry. Right now, it’s unclear how glass fragments ended up in these bottles. Though the recall will undoubtedly protect people who could have otherwise ingested this glass and later fallen ill.

More on the Story

This recall was officially put into place on Saturday, January 28.

Since then, on social media, various users have been spreading the word and encouraging Starbucks drinkers to be aware of the recall. People who may have already purchased these products are likewise being advised to do away with them for their own health and safety.

Despite the recall, it’s very likely that Starbucks’ business will continue to boom and do well.

Starbucks locations are not only abundant across multiple countries, but fans of the food and drinks can also order them on delivery apps like DoorDash, Postmates, UberEats, GrubHub, etc.

In the weeks ahead, Americans may possibly learn more information about how glass ended up in these bottles and why this was missed before the products were mass distributed to the general public.

Meanwhile, anyone who knows a Starbucks drinker or someone who purchases their products on an even periodic basis should be sure to spread the word about this latest recall.

Are you surprised to learn that hundreds of thousands of different Starbucks drinks were recalled as a result of glass fragments being discovered in the bottles? You’re welcome to let us know what you make of this latest breaking news in the comments section.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.