Stanford Students Take a Stand Against Their Woke Dean

We’re all well aware of how much the left has managed to sneak its woke agenda into our schools. While it was most noticeable in elementary and high schools, the issue is just as present in higher education institutions.

Take Stanford for example, where a woke inclusivity dean decided to scold a conservative judge attending a law school event at the university, only to be kept on the school’s roster by the administration.

Woke inclusivity official from Stanford wasn’t met with praise

What followed was a series of calls for her removal from the student body, many of which argued her to be a “no-speech zealot” who’s got no place being a dean at Stanford or any educational institution, for that matter.

The woman in question, Tirien Steinbach, is the mastermind behind the “COVID, Guns and Twitter” event that was held at the university’s Federalist Society, where Kyle Duncan was invited as a speaker.

However, things would have gone well, had Steinbach not decided to turn the entire thing into one big smear campaign against the Trump-appointed judge. She decided to take an entire six minutes out of the event just to criticize him.

What’s more, the only reasoning behind her criticism was Duncan’s stances on certain sensitive subjects, such as same-sex marriage and the rights of the trans community.

Thankfully, the university’s students seem to be immune to this woke nonsense and have rallied together to get Steinbach fired from her position. They claim if Stanford cares about free speech in the slightest, they’ll fire anyone actively attempting to prevent it.

Stanford needs fresh administration

The rest of the school’s administration didn’t do much to prevent the heckling. The law school dean, Jenny Martinez, actually took part in it as well, despite issuing a formal apology to Duncan, stopping right before reprimanding Steinbach.

The Stanford Review published a piece directly related to the events that transpired at “COVID, Guns and Twitter.” They labeled Steinbach as a cookie-cutter example of a woke, anti-speech zealot who’ll do anything in her power to shut down discourse at educational institutions.

You’d expect this sort of behavior from a bunch of unruly law students looking to get a rush out of confronting a judge on these matters; yet here we are, watching a grown woman almost have a meltdown over trans rights.

The school’s apology means nothing to the students, unless proper action is taken against Steinbach, that being her immediate removal from Stanford’s administrative roster.

Of the students who were interviewed following the event, many are confused as to what the college plans to do to prevent this type of disruptive behavior from happening in the future. Although it’s clear that firing Steinbach is the first step.

It’s safe to say the school’s reputation has been ruined. It’s highly unlikely some more influential figures will be accepting invitations to attend events at Stanford, at least for the time being.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.