Stacey Abrams Wants to Run for President

The dynamics of politics continue to shift and change in some very interesting ways as time passes.

Now, more than ever, different individuals are getting involved in politics and making no bones about where they stand. Not all people who pursue politics share the same background, experience, ideas or outlooks. Nevertheless, the one commonality across the board is that each person in politics believes they have a role to play and can make some sort of difference in one way or another.

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Stacey Abrams, a former candidate for Georgia governor recently disclosed her interest in running for president, as reported by Townhall. While it’s certainly a little too late to jump into the 2020 election, Abrams has clearly articulated her interest in seeking the presidency later down the line.

Abrams on Running for President of the United States

The failed 2018 candidate expressed that she aims to “do good” and that becoming president will allow her to pursue this course of action. When sitting down for an interview with co-hosts of The View, Abrams went into further detail, stating that the presidency provides the “strongest platform” for work to be done in America.

Abrams’ thoughts on becoming president are fascinating. She’s also publically mulled over her willingness to serve as the running mate to any one of the current 2020 Democrats. If Abrams’ name sounds familiar, that’s because it is, only not for the reasons that she herself might like.

In 2018, Abrams ran for governor of Georgia, but narrowly lost to GOP opponent Brian Kemp. Rather than accept her loss with dignity and class, Abrams cited voter suppression and a rigged system as the causes of her failure. This plays right into the Democrat handbook, blaming external sources rather than taking personal responsibility for one’s own shortcomings.

Doomed from Inception

Abrams’ inability to accept her loss in the 2018 election truly spoke volumes about not only her political standing, but also her lack of fitness to hold public office. The ideas, policies, and positions that Abrams has chosen to stand for are divisive and won’t get her anywhere close to the Oval Office. Her presidential run, if she truly chooses to go through with it in the future, will most definitely be doomed from inception.

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The 2018 Georgia governor race had extremely high volumes of Democrat voter turnout, yet Abrams was still defeated by Brian Kemp. If Abrams can’t win a governor’s race and can’t acknowledge her failure without blaming everything and everyone else, she’s not only politically unfit to run for president, but also ethically unfit as well.

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