Stacey Abrams Now Siding with Domestic Terrorists!

Stacey Abrams, Georgia’s biggest failure, is now using one of her nonprofit organizations to protect domestic terrorists within the state of Georgia.

After what turned out to be a weekend of terror in DeKalb County (where out-of-state extremists launched attacks on the police with stones and firebombs), Abrams is now calling for justice in the case of the man who shot one Georgia state trooper in the stomach.

Abrams’ nonprofit now demanding “justice” for the “innocent man” who shot Georgia trooper

Of course, it’d be fine if she was on the side of law enforcement, as justice most definitely has to be served. Unfortunately, Abrams has been sipping a bit too much of the BLM juice lately and her actions reflect that.

Two nonprofits that previously helped Abrams pursue power in the state of Georgia are now the instigators of a protest on March 9th. This is where New Georgia Project Action Fund activists will march against police terror.

The poster with the announcement for the protest also demands justice for Tyre Nichols and Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, who was shot dead upon firing several shots at a group of police officers.

One of the bullets lodged itself inside a Georgia State Patrol trooper’s gut, after which the law enforcement opened fire on Manuel, who fired first and without warning.

It’s to be noted that police officers were attempting to identify any persons trespassing and committing crimes on Atlanta Public Safety Training Center grounds.

Domestic terrorism has no place in the US

Troopers encountered Manuel camping in an area where several leftists were arrested only a month earlier on account of domestic terrorism charges.

Upon receiving verbal commands to surrender himself and be taken in for questioning, Manuel didn’t comply. Instead, he opened fire on the several troopers surrounding him.

The fact that a former political candidate is now demonstrating in support of a person who was killed for trying to kill multiple law enforcement officers is downright disgusting. Her support for the accused terrorists definitely isn’t helping.

Among the people who were arrested on the spot after hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails at the planned Public Safety Center, there were even some who weren’t US residents. This speaks volumes about our current immigration laws.

Republican Governor Brian Kemp spoke up on the incidents, stating the activists responsible for the damage purposely chose to destroy property and incite violence, instead of protesting peacefully. They were dealt with accordingly.

He added that domestic terrorism will not be tolerated in the state of Georgia. While peaceful protests will always be respected, there will be no tolerance for those ruining the safety of the state’s communities.

However, Abrams’ nonprofits are working around the clock to make these “activists” escape justice, knowing full well there’s no justification for any of the events that unfolded.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.