Speaker McCarthy Defends Controversial Debt Deal Agreed Upon With Biden

Last month, national conversations about the debt ceiling and the implications of defaulting on the debt picked up. This followed a significant stint in which the Biden White House remained unwilling to negotiate with Republicans on the matter.

However, as the deadline for defaulting got closer, Biden eventually had a change of heart and entered into talks with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

The pair eventually agreed upon a deal. However, it’s a deal that’s come under fire by many Republicans. Put simply, McCarthy stands accused of making major concessions to Biden without getting anything in return.

Now, the House Speaker is pushing back against this criticism, according to Real Clear Politics.

A Comparison to the Trump Administration

On Capitol Hill last week, McCarthy made it clear that he stands by the deal he and the president mutually agreed upon. Flanked by press, the House Speaker stated the situation was even worse when Trump was in office.

McCarthy specifically noted that during the Trump administration, the former president having majorities in both the House and the Senate still didn’t lead to a reduction in spending.

On top of that, McCarthy claimed that under Trump, Republicans merely “added more money” and continued on with business as usual.

The House Speaker then asserted that the Wall Street Journal and other similar groups will look at the deal he and Biden cut as the “strongest debt ceiling.”

Many Republicans Beg to Differ

Despite what Speaker McCarthy stated on Capitol Hill, many within his party still aren’t happy with this deal.

In fact, congressional Republicans say they won’t vote for the McCarthy-Biden agreement. They are likewise urging their colleagues to abstain from backing the deal as well.

Given the major contention over the McCarthy-Biden debt agreement, Americans will just have to wait and see what happens next.