South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Announces Re-election Campaign


Elections matter. The women and men who become our city councilmembers, mayors, governors, senators, representatives, presidents, etc., have very real impacts on the nation and the policies of the United States.

Right now, the country is getting a clear look at what happens when Democrats are in power. In various states and cities, Democrat officials have passed orders that bar people from engaging in society if they can’t show a COVID vaccination card.

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Meanwhile, at the federal level, you have President Biden pushing and fighting in court to implement sweeping COVID vaccine mandates that bar individuals from employment if they don’t take the COVID vaccine.

It is for this reason that electing strong conservatives to fight for the rights of the people is so imperative. According to Breitbart News, South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem has just announced her re-election campaign.

What to Know About Governor Noem’s Re-election Campaign

On Friday, the Republican governor of South Dakota formally announced her bid for another term is on. Noem noted her record of fighting for the freedoms, communities, safety, and health of South Dakota residents.

After noting her work in these regards, the Republican governor declared she’s seeking re-election and urged voters to support and vote for her. According to Noem, serving another term will allow South Dakota to keep setting a positive example for America and also ensure the wellbeing of future generations to come.

Going into her re-election campaign, Noem has raised an impressive $10 million. This amount far surpasses what other previous governors before her have raised. Furthermore, funds of this magnitude will give the South Dakota governor the resources to run a great campaign and ward off any challengers who may materialize.

Throughout her governorship, Noem has consistently stood up for the rights and freedoms of South Dakota. In 2020, South Dakota was the only state that did not implement a lockdown. Likewise, Governor Noem never imposed any mask mandates on the residents of her state.

The Importance of Conservative Governors

Until at least November 2022, the federal government of the United States is going to remain under firm Democratic control. With Democrats dominating the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the White House, conservative governors are some of the last lines of defense.

They’re some of the latest lines of defense against tyranny, radical medical mandates, anti-Second Amendment gun grabs, and more. The country needs conservative governors like Kristi Noem to ensure the Democrats do not succeed in turning the United States into a communist nation.

South Dakota is a strongly red state. Judging on the support for Noem and the funds she has going into her re-election campaign, she is highly likely to secure another term.

Do you believe the people of South Dakota will re-elect Kristi Noem as their governor? Let us know below in the comments area.